Recovery Mode

We are slowly digging ourselves out of the sickness hole we have been in this week. I feel fine, J. was fine as of 8am this morning, and both of the girls seem to be finally getting some color and easing up on all of the sick “outputs”. So, knock on wood, I think we are recovering.

Just in time, too. Em’s first dance recital is tomorrow evening. I missed the “dress rehearsal” on Tuesday but J. taped most of it so I could see it (and as insurance in case we all missed the real thing tomorrow!) and as I was watching her in her little costume looking all girly and sweet and doing the little routine, I got all teary-eyed.

What the *$#& ?!

I cannot blame it on hormones any longer – I’m way past being pg, post-partum, even nursing. I guess it was just seeing her in a different light. She has been the “big girl” for over a year now, but I still think of her as my baby. I mean, she’ll always be my “first baby” and that makes her a little special, right?

But as she was standing there, I saw not a baby, not a toddler, but just a sweet little girl. It made me proud – she looked adorable – but it also made me very sad at the same time. Just one more step towards the day she isn’t my little girl anymore. God help me the day she goes to preschool. You’ll all have to pick me up out of a puddle of my own tears.

Ballerina Em


1 Response to “Recovery Mode”

  1. 1 Aunt Meesh December 1, 2006 at 1:21 pm

    OMG. She looks just like you in this picture….she is getting so big! I am hormonal, so let the tears flow. I remember the first time I held the little bundle in the hospital…sniff.

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