Christmas Cheer In the Mail…

I think it is safe to post our Christmas card now – most people have received it in the mail. And if you haven’t, but you were expecting to get one, well, um…it must still be on the way, or lost in the mail.

So the outtakes are posted on the flickr account, but I was trying to get a fun picture of the girls in front of either the Rose Bowl House or the actual Stadium, to commerate Michigan’s trip to the Rose Bowl on the 1st of January.

As you can imagine, it was a bit more difficult to get 2 girls, looking at the camera with sweet angelic faces, their pretty dresses all spread out nicely with no underwear sticking out, all of their hair lying down clipped back with bows. All right, it was more than difficult – it was IMPOSSIBLE.

So this is the picture we went with this year. An action shot, but I actually decided that I really love this picture. If nothing else you can see just pure joy on their faces as they chase each other. And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

2006 Christmas Card

And yes – this really was on the Rose Bowl “front yard” – I did not Photoshop it in (but thanks for thinking my Photoshop skills are good enough to do that!). No Photoshopping occurred on the actual photo this year – only the Christmas embellishments were added.


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