Almost here!

Emma is counting down the days and I am furiously trying to get stuff done and feel like I am ready for the “Big Man in Red” to be here. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day – and we are quickly out of days. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. So instead of writing…I’m going to try to squeeze a little more time out of the next 24 hours. I’ll post pics and stories soon, I promise.

In the meantime…here is another very funny re-enactment of Baby Jesus’ birth to enjoy. (In case you missed our re-enactment from Emma earlier in the week, you can read it here.) I can so totally see Emma doing something like this in about 4 or 5 years. I’m not sure if the story is true or not – I read it on another blog and nobody can get confirmation on the validity, but it is too good to make up!



[This story came from a discussion forum in the UK… “Tescos” is a supermarket chain there.]

Went to Abigail’s school Christmas concert. Each class did a little something followed by a song or 2. Anyway, Ab’s class did a Nativity scene, with Ab as Mary. A few minutes into their bit Ab promptly lifted her dress & shoved baby Jesus up it. The script then wandered away from what they’d learnt & goes as follows…

Joseph: “What are you doing?”
Mary: “I’m feeding our baby”
Shepherd: “Have you got a bottle up there then?”
Mary: “Don’t be silly he’s having milk from my booby”
Joseph: “That’s disgusting”
Mary: “No, that baby milk they have in Tescos is disgusting. My baby’s having proper milk”
Shepherd: “What’s a booby?”
Mary: “Those sticky out bits ladies have”
Shepherd: “They’re not boobies, they’re nipples”
Mary: “No they’re not, they’re boobies”
Joseph: “So why can’t Jesus have milk from a bottle then?”
Mary: “Because I haven’t got a breast pump with me – you forgot to put it on the donkey”
Shepherd: “Can’t you ask the teacher for a bottle to feed Jesus with?”
Mary: “No because this is the best way to feed Jesus. Anyway bottles haven’t been invented yet & even if they were I’ve just had a baby so if you think I’m faffing about round Tescos to buy baby milk when I make proper milk in my boobies you can think again”

I felt a teeny bit sorry for their class teacher – she did try her best to steer them back towards their proper lines but she was laughing so much she didn’t really stand a chance. The line about Joseph forgetting the breast pump finished her off – she slid to the floor & couldn’t get up for laughing…

Via Hathor


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