Already a bit behind in the resolution department

I have been meaning to put up my resolutions for the past few days – one of them was to become more organized and efficient with my time, thus giving me more time to blog, scrapbook and do fun stuff with the girls. Ha! Obviously I have not managed to be very successful with that one these first three days of the New Year.

Of course I have the requisite, lose 15 pounds, eat healthier, get the girls to eat healthier, work out more resolution, too. These I really don’t seem to be having too much of a problem with lately. The gym, and the wonderful “kids klub” have totally been saving my sanity. I’ve gotten some quality workouts in lately, and managed to eat my way through the holidays and even lose weight! So, I think that I can’t, or won’t, count that as a real resolution.

My REAL resolution, the one thing I’m going to work on the hardest is becoming a more “mindful” mommy. I am constantly reminded how quickly life is just passing me by. Every day goes by more quickly than the last, and the girls are determined to leave their babyhood in the dust, whether I like it or not. I just feel like I can’t keep up, and I want to just freeze so many moments. But instead I find myself feverishly trying to get work done in time for a deadline or clean a house, that is really only going to be messy in a few hours, anyhow.

It isn’t until I am sitting enjoying a quiet moment with the girls – or more than likely, a not so quiet moment – or listening to them really truly laugh when I realize this is what I need the most in my life. To live more of those moments, hold on to more of those moments and let go of some of the “dirty laundry” that fills my days.

What about you? Any good resolutions? Any broken ones already?


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