Still On Vacation

Emma’s favorite saying this weekend, “It’s OK, Mama – we’re on vacation!” Here is our “vacation” picture at the hotel in Chicago where we attempted to rest up for the remainder of our “vacation.”


It has been a little bit whirlwind – Detroit to Leslie to Meesh’s to Chicago to Leslie to Meesh’s…and soon back to Leslie and on to Detroit – and then…HOME!


Em told me that she misses her house and her kitties and her turtle. I kinda do too, but I know that our time with family is a precious commodity these days and I don’t want to waste a minute of it. But I also know the saying, “fish and company both go bad after three days…” and I kind of feel like Mich and DJ are going to want to kick us out before the end of the week comes rolling around.

Addie is having (I know, I know – I’m always saying it…) serious teething issues. We spend most of last night pacing and just trying to get her to stop crying hysterically. Things like that don’t seem like a big deal when we are at home, but it is just harder in somebody else’s house, especially when that somebody else has to get up to go to work in the morning.

I am working on the new pics of my adorable new godson, Will and our cutie little Lauren. It was so fun to see them for a little bit of time this weekend and hang out with them. Of course, it only makes us miss them more. Hopefully tomorrow I can get them up.

Now I am going to go burrow into bed with Emma (we are on vacation, remember, so she gets to sleep with Mama!) and try to sleep before Addie decides to bless me with her screeching presence. By the way it is currently four degrees, not 4-0, just plain 4!! Definitely California dreamin’ tonight!


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