Our “Big” Girl

As promised, here is the first (of many) photos of Emma’s new Christmas present from Aunt Meesh, Uncle DJ and the girls.

I know, I know…we are still trying to locate one of the three bike helmets we own for her. I need to unload the garage tomorrow and see if we can find one.

As far as her first “ride” – it was really more of a “push/drag” around the park. Em is having a little bit of trouble getting the whole riding vs. braking concept down. We’ll be working on that, you can bet.

Still, she did look very cute riding it!

Em’s new bike

In other Emma news, she decided she wants a chore chart. I know, right? Isn’t that every parent’s dream? We were in an office supply store and there was a chart with sparkly, star stickers and Emma “had” to have it. So I explained to her what it was and how they worked, and realized, um…this was a perfect opportunity. So I seized on it. I bought the chart.

Emma has been obsessed with it – all day long.

Our living room has never been so toy-free. Her bed was made, which it rarely ever is. Plus I was a bit sneaky and added no whining and listening to the chart…and it has been working like a charm. If only I had Emma had thought of this months ago.

She keeps calling it her “choice” chart, though. I don’t think she can remember “chore,” but I think that is pretty ironic. Just like the potty training, everything always works better when it is her “choice.”


1 Response to “Our “Big” Girl”

  1. 1 Matt January 30, 2007 at 5:27 am

    I can only hope that my Emma is just a few months behind yours…because right now, she gets things out faster than we can put them away!

    You’ve got to love that California weather. Out on her bike with no coat. Fall leaves littering the driveway. Green grass. Sickening.

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