Small Change

My friend Kimmer has been here since Thursday and we have been having so much fun…I haven’t been able to post. But I’m back and I have a challenge for all of you…so, listen up!

I had been trying to figure out a way to do some sort of volunteering or becoming involved in something that would set a good example for Emma and help her on the road to becoming a charitable and concerned citizen of the world. A favorite blogger of mine, Beth, offered up this challenge to all of her readers and it was exactly what I had been looking for, so I accepted the challenge. I hope you will as well.

Beth is calling it “Small Change” and it is essentially just doing one thing a month for a child other than your own. Our task this month (before the 14th of February) is below. I will post our contribution by the end of the week, we are still working on which child (or children!) we are going to send something to.

Monthly Challenge
This month’s challenge is to send a get-well card to a sick kid. You can buy a card, make a card, sit your kids down with a pile of construction paper and crayons and glitter glue and put them to work, whatever. You can do this really easily through Make a Child Smile. Think you can do a little more? Send a gift instead of a card. Or, check out your local Children’s Hospital (you can search by state and get links to websites here) and find out if they take cards or gifts for the kids. (This was was “borrowed” Beth’s site. Click to read the whole blog about Small Change.)

What a cool way to make a difference, huh? And you know, it is for kids!

Hop to it…and send me an email or pictures of anything you might do if you accept the challenge so I can post them!


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