Meet Temper Tantrum Sally

Yes, in case you haven’t met Temper Tantrum Sally…allow me to introduce you to her. It seems our little Addie has a temper. I guess you can call it a “terrible 2’s-type” temper. She hates to be told no, she is very vocal, and completely relentless. Why tell me “no, thank you” when you can throw yourself down on the floor and wail, “NO, NO, NO” at the top of your lungs?


It is just a phase. This too shall pass, right? It was only 2 years ago…how come I cannot remember Emma’s? Must be that “Mommy amnesia thing.”

At any rate, here is a pic of us enjoying our sunshine yesterday…happier times.


And a shot of us with Kimmer! We had so much fun having her here. I was especially sad to see her go. We escaped for a lovely “Mommy night away” on Saturday. It was so much fun.


But all good things have to come to an end. Today it was back to the grind. A few more days til J. comes back, I am counting the minutes. It looks like we may be looking for a new place to live this weekend on top of everything else. Our management team doesn’t seem to be too concerned with the dog moving in…and doesn’t seem to care that we are threatening to move out. Maybe it is a ploy to get us (and the noisy kids!) out of the apartment? Hmmm….


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