Our day – as heard by the downstairs neighbors.

I don’t know how much the downstairs neighbors really hear, but I have a feeling that this is what it may have sounded like down there for the first part of today…

Waaaaaaahhhh! MaaaaMaaaa! (Addie’s wake-up call.)
Stomp, stomp, stomp. (Me – begrudgingly going in to figure out what the problem is.)
Milk? Miiilk? Miiilllkk! (Obviously, what the problem was.)

Creak, creeeeak, creak. (Me – returning Addie to her crib for some more zzzz’s. There is a very creaky floorboard right in front of their room that I step on, no matter how I try to avoid it.)

Scratch, scratch, scratch. Scratch…..scratch. (Apparently Tiger thought if she continued to scratch in the litterbox it would miraculously produce more litter and properly cover her poop. They really did need new litter, so that one is my fault.)

Sigh. Creeping and a little more sighing. (After listening to Tiger for 15 minutes, I decided it really wasn’t even worth going back to sleep, and I went out to check email and finish our taxes.)

Running water, pitter patter, “Good morning, Mama. I need juice, please.”
(J. – shower, Em getting up and requiring her shot of morning juice – she is almost as bad as a coffee addict with her apple juice.)

Whining….”but I need some!” (Was not able to replenish our juice supply yesterday, apple juice addict…NOT happy!)

More crying. (Addie didn’t wake up very happy today.)
Tromp, tromp, tromp. (J. going downstairs to work.)
Tap, tap, TAP! (My happy dance – my  project is finally completed!!)

A little whining. (Nobody is happy with the slightly sparse breakfast options. Really, really need to grocery shop.)

Crash! Thud. (Addie shows displeasure with breakfast option and “moves” it to the floor.)

Vacuuuuummmm. (Breakfast leavings and cat hair – maybe a few dust bunnies, too.)

Stomp, stomp, stomp….screech. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Then repeat. (Girls chasing each other, Me chasing girls trying to get them dressed. Girls chasing cats.)

STOMP, stomp, stomp…also repeated – thirteen more times. (Moving the chaos down the stairs so we can run errands – YES, grocery shopping is one of them.)

Blissful peace and quiet. (We were still gone on the errands.)

STOMP, stomp, stomp…thirteen more times. And then times four.
(We are back home, going back upstairs – and I did 4 trips to get all of the groceries – and cat litter! – up into the house.)
Running, shrieking. (More playing, more chasing them trying to get them fed and clothed and back out the door.)
Sizzling and boiling. (Also prepared lasagna to throw in oven for dinner.)
Vacuuming. (Again. Another dissatisfied customer. This time it was lunch.)

Stomping…yet again. (Back downstairs for dance class)

Stomping….(Weeee’re baaack!)

Ding dong. (Denise! Sweet, sweet Denise is here!)

Joyful fleeing. No stomping…only light steps on the staircase. (Me. Escaping for the afternoon. Really I shouldn’t feel this happy to go work, drop dry cleaning, house hunt, and go to the gym – right??)

Our poor neighbors. We keep plying them with cookies on every occasion. But I really don’t think it is enough.

And that was only the first half of the day. The afternoon and evenings are SO much more fun!


1 Response to “Our day – as heard by the downstairs neighbors.”

  1. 1 Vicky February 14, 2007 at 7:00 am

    whoever might say that SAHM’s don’t work need to read your BLOG!

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