Top 10 reasons I love my new car…

10. It handles like it is on rails! Okay, maybe not that great – but it is definitely so much better than the truck.
9. It has lots of space even though it doesn’t take up much space. (I can park compact spaces, now!)
8. The doors are short – when I open them, they don’t hit everything within 3 feet of our car.
7.  It has a Moonroof. It is almost as good as J’s convertible. Better in some regards – Emma doesn’t complain about it being “too windy.”
6. I have driven it all week (put on over 150 miles) and the gas tank is just below 1/2 empty!
5. It gets about the same “miles til empty” that the truck did, but it costs 1/2 of what it did to fill the truck. (Seriously! Cut my cost at the pump in HALF!)
My iPod hooks into the stereo AND it has a 6 CD changer. Laurie Berkner and They Might Be Giants can now peacefully co-exist with music Mommy wants to listen to.
3. Oh, did I mention that it gets great gas mileage?! I feel “greener” just owning a non-SUV vehicle.
2. It is so super safe. I love the ads that are out for Volvo right now – they are rated so highly in safety, this maybe should be #1, but really…

The #1 reason I love my new car is that it is easy to look cool in…even toting groceries and 2 kids!  Well, maybe it doesn’t look as cool as I think….but it feels pretty cool.

(Emma looks cute next to it, too!)



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