I don’t have much to say today (What?! Shocking, I know!), so I’ll be short and sweet.

Maybe I’ll put up some of our park pics – and brag a little about how amazing our weather is right now! (hee hee…who is stupid for moving to California, now?)

Here goes our Random Thursday…

In our “Hair Idol” voting it looks like Em’s bangs are going to be around a little longer…the majority seem to think she looks good with them getting longer. I agree, but I’m really kinda in Michelle’s camp. I think they make her look so old. I’m freaking out a little on the fact that she is going to be 4! In one month! Jeez. Have children and you get suddenly propelled into warp speed. Please. Slow. Down.

Part of the reason this is going to be short today is because of Em, actually. She is home with a little fever. I am sure that Denise is doing an amazing job, but I really want to be there to keep an eye on it. Em has not been sleeping well (I know, I can’t win.) and has been particularly cranky this week…I’m sure it is all related. So she needs a little TLC, I think.

Addie on the other hand has been a sleeping champ! And I cannot believe the difference in her personality. It has been a complete 180 turnaround from last week. I think I will definitely be able to find something to write about tomorrow when she turns 18 months, unlike last month. *sniff, sniff* Again. Pleaaasse. Stop growing up so fast. Please just stay little a little longer.

Okay, as promised. Some cute pics for those of you with snow still. Come visit – it is gorgeous here!
(Click the pics to see them full-size.)

ad at the park

em at the park


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