Hooray for relaxing weekends.

We just had a nice, relaxing weekend. I actually barely even cracked my laptop open or checked email.

J. took the girls to the aquarium and they were actually gone ALL day Saturday. I hung out with a friend and we went fabric shopping, something that would have been impossible with kids. I found an amazing little quilt and thought that it might be fun to try my hand at quilting and make something for Addie’s new room in the process. We also had a great leisurely lunch, also very enjoyable – sans kids.

After a nice sleep-in this morning, which ended a night where everyone slept all night in their own space, we had our special weekend treat of Noah’s bagels, did a little shopping and then while the girls napped, I grocery shopped and spent a LOT of money. It always amazes me how much I love to do a mundane task like grocery shopping when it is not a child-corralling marathon. Usually I am in the grocery store for the absolute minimum amount of time as possible. It is just very hard to shop with 2 active girls who want to “help”. Actually looking at what I was throwing into the cart and comparing prices, I must say, that was a really nice treat.

Actually, the whole weekend was a nice treat. Thanks to J. we all had some good “family” time and Mommy got some good “me time,” too.

Almost makes the fact that tomorrow is Monday….bearable.


1 Response to “Hooray for relaxing weekends.”

  1. 1 Jazzy March 20, 2007 at 7:31 pm

    Funny how “me time” after you have kids turns into appreciating getting to go to the grocery store by ourselves. 😉

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