Snotty noses and “I wub yous”

The week of Emma has officially wrapped up. I do have another child, she isn’t turning four, but she is also doing some pretty amazing stuff. So a few Addie-isms for this dreary Tuesday. (Yep, no sun in sunny California this morning….what is going on??)

Addie has a little cold. It started yesterday, just constantly running nose and very watery eyes. When I try to wipe the water from her eyes and cheeks she looks up at me and says, “cryin? cryin eyes.” She isn’t quite sure why her eyes are “cryin” when she isn’t sad, but it is funny to hear her ask – every single time.

I was a totally unprepared mommy yesterday when her nose started running, I didn’t have a kleenx, wipe, or even a napkin. But I was taking off her dirty sweatshirt, so I wiped her nose on her sleeve. (A few minutes later, in the car I also leaned back and wiped her nose with my sleeve. Mmmm, baby snot. It truly must be love that blinds us to all the gross things we do for our children.) Then last night when we getting ready for bed, she sneezed and before I could get her a kleenx, she leaned down and tried to wipe her nose on her jammies…she almost had her nose to her belly. So now she thinks clothing is merely a tool to wipe snotty noses. I know, I asked for it. Show a monkey something one time…and she’ll remember it for life.

She has become a total chatterbox, too. Running commentary on everything and everyone around. So now I have two. Two girls who NEVER stop talking. Ahhh…as I wrote that, she climbed up on my lap and said “I wub you.” Some things I can hear all day long. Every day. That is one of them…the sweetest sound ever.

We have to skip music class today, which stinks, but A. is cuddly when she is sick, so I’m going to go take advantage of that. More of her exploits later.


2 Responses to “Snotty noses and “I wub yous””

  1. 1 Colleen April 17, 2007 at 5:30 pm

    So sorry Addie is sick. It’s no fun (except for the extra lovey cuddle time).

    Zoe copies just about everything we say… even if I ask her to copy me (you know… “zoe say monkey” “zoe say bless you”). But… if you say… “zoe, say I love you”…. nothing. She will not say it. Not in response, not if you ask. So… the day she finally does… I’ll just be floored. I’m sure I’ll cry.

  2. 2 Christina April 17, 2007 at 7:06 pm

    I’m sorry to hear Addie is sick, but the extra snuggles are wonderful! Those toddlers are usually too busy to cuddle with Mommy for long. “I wub you”…now that’s gotta melt a mother’s heart!

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