Perfectly perfect in every way

I had a great birthday weekend. Thanks so much for the wishes, emails, phone calls and presents!

I’m not feeling particularly like writing tonight, I just worked on a whole slew of pictures to upload to Flickr. Perhaps, I’m feeling a little list-y. Here was my fun birthday weekend in list format. All the fun things I am thankful for:

  • I got a package from Zingerman’s from J. (our favorite deli in Ann Arbor – amazing cheeses and hot cocoa cake!)
  • Michelle and I kicked off the weekend with Margarita Friday
  • I got a dozen roses and a carrot cake, too
  • I got a little time away – alone with Michelle, no kids! – yesterday
  • Tried fondue really for the first time
  • I got a little time away with J. last night (thanks, Jeff for minding the girls!)
  • We had a great dinner (Beni-hani, always good!)
  • J. and I even got to see a movie! (It was a terrible movie – Spiderman 3 – bad writing, bad acting, just all-around bad movie. BUT, it was a first-run movie, opening weekend, even! That so rarely occurs that it almost forgives the fact that the movie was so crappy. Almost.)
  • Got some alone time with the girlies at the aquarium today
  • Got most of my scrapbook/craft area organized (Hooray! Am so ready to scrap!)
  • Got Mother’s Day gifts ordered (even a little early!)
  • Girls in bed before 8pm tonight
  • I get to kick back and watch Sopranos in a few minutes.

Does a birthday weekend get any better than that??

Oh, yes. It does.

I also got the most AMAZING gift from J. I am not going to tell/show you until tomorrow night, though. I got to see the “proofs” on Saturday and was so stunned at the thoughtfulness, the time and effort the gift took, and just the sheer “cool factor” of the gift, that I was in tears. The actual gift comes tomorrow, so I’ll reveal it after I can take some pics of it.

Meanwhile, you can look at these pretty pics of the girls taken at the aquarium today – hold you over until Best Shot Monday! (Yes, it will be yet another photo of one of the girls…)




1 Response to “Perfectly perfect in every way”

  1. 1 Colleen May 7, 2007 at 4:28 am

    Sounds like a fabulous birthday! So glad you had a great weekend!

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