Why I Blog…

My friend Christina over at Momology tagged me for another meme.  This one is a kinda easy one, although I am not going to to *tag* anyone…if you think it is good blog fodder and want to play along, just leave a comment so people will be sure to pop on over to read yours too!

Why I Blog…

My “blog” really just grew out of the online journal I kept about both of my pregnancies and the early months of the girls’ lives. I started the journal mostly to keep family and friends up-to-date and to have a little repository that I could go back and read. J. made a pretty sweet journal tool for me to use, and we had the “Emma Site” that later became the “Emma & Addie Site.” It got to a point that it just seemed easier to use a blogging software. It is easier to maintain, it has much better archiving and searching abilities, and you all can leave comments! That is the part I really enjoy about the blog over the journal – it is so much more interactive.

So the blog is for our families and friends spread out all over the U.S., so they can keep on top of what is happening in our world. And it serves as a very detailed baby book for each of the girls – this blog has so much more detail than I could ever hope to capture in the pretty, little, bound, paper baby books that I got as shower gifts. I still try to keep the books up-to-date, but I use the blog to do it. When did she first start walking? When did that tooth pop through? It is all here.

I also use the blog as a little “mommy” sanity check. I like to write about what is making me crazy or worrying me. It has always helped me to “write it down” and it is a little bit of therapy for me. Cheap, cheap therapy.

And I have to agree with Christina on one of her reasons. I’ve met (even if only online) some great friends. I feel like I know these lovely women and their children, and I look forward to hearing about their trials, tribulations and successes each week.

So that is why I do it.

Now, why do you come back to read this? Why do you write your own blog? Any other reasons I’m sorely overlooking?


1 Response to “Why I Blog…”

  1. 1 Christina May 25, 2007 at 9:01 pm

    Wow, you were fast with that!

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