And…we’re off! Almost.

I had a couple of ideas for good posts, but have not had one minute to put any of them together for you. Today has been a mad dash for the finish line – and I can see it, it is in sight. Maybe an hour or two away, but soooo close!

Of course I have this neurotic need to have a clean house before I leave. I got this tendency from my mom, we never left a dirty house when we were going on a trip. Plus the neighbors are watching the kitties while we are gone. They stopped over to drop off a house-warming gift one day and it just happened to be a chaotic, disaster-of-a-house kind of day. So I’d like to make a better second impression. Therefore, I have some picking up to do before I crawl into bed. Plus, how great is it to come home to a nice clean house??

I did find out that there isn’t internet connectivity in the room, only an internet cafe. So I’m not so sure that I will get a chance to post anything next week. But the idea of no laptop, no phone, no internet – just truly unplugged is a pretty intriguing idea right now. I think I may do it…a true vacation.

So don’t fear if you don’t hear from us. We are just frolicking in the blue-green Caribbean waters and soaking in some serious family time. I’ll meet you all back here next Sunday!


On Wednesday, June 4th be sure to pop on over and wish Lauren a Happy 4th Birthday! You gift will get to you, even if we don’t get to talk with you, La-La! Have a great one!


Also you get an extra week to do your Small Change Month 4 challenge if you still want to…we’ll discuss next week.


And maybe Puppy will be named by then. You’ll have to tune in to see if you won. Leave a comment if you have a good name!


1 Response to “And…we’re off! Almost.”

  1. 1 msscatter June 4, 2007 at 4:49 am

    I do the same thing, I make sure my house is spotless when I leave, even if it’s just for a night. Somehow, I have a feeling that your house never really does get dirty.

    Have a great time!

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