Small Change Month 6/7

Aw man, I am so far behind. It is the 2nd week of July already!

So a little recap. Last month’s Small Change Challenge was to do a “clean-up” project somewhere. The girls and I cleaned up some trash at Lacy Park one day and they are a little bit obsessed about it.  I’d say A. alone has tried to pick up at least her weight in trash over the past month. We’ve gone through lots of wipes and Purell.

This month’s challenge is equally as simple. You can do just a little or go all gung-ho and crazy. The month 7 Small Change Challenge, should you choose to accept is this:

“Our challenge this month is to give something to charity.  Anything, to any charity.  So, you can log onto your favorite charity’s website and give them a couple of bucks right now and be done with it.  Or you can donate your time, or the clothes your kids had the unmitigated gall to outgrow halfway through the season, or whatever works for you.”

Easy right? So let’s do it! Beth, founder and driving force behind Small Change is donating her hair to one of the charities that makes wigs for children with cancer. How cool is that? So I might not be able to do anything as grand as that – but I’m going to scrounge around and see what we can come up with. How about you?


1 Response to “Small Change Month 6/7”

  1. 1 Jackie July 9, 2007 at 4:13 am

    It may be hard with kids & the bustle of life but we have a 3-month basement rule. If we don’t want something or aren’t using it anymore (happens a lot with updated electronics or clothes or shoes) we put it away, if it is still away after 3 months we donate it to Army Community Services “Lending closet” (which is a lot like good will, only its an army thing). It may work well with kids toys? Don’t know how easily it’d be to inforce though.

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