A.P.B. on a M.I.A. B.E.A.R.

So it has happened. My worst nightmare. Beloved Bear (Addie’s this time) is M.I.A.

He was last seen Friday evening. This picture was taken just moments before his untimely disappearance.


Perhaps he was tired of being “ridden” around like a “neigh?”

Perhaps he just up and walked off on his own accord. Decided to wash his (sticky) paws of our crazy household.

We are all just left wondering…”Where in the world is BEAR?


She had him here. I told her to put her shoes on. She walked to the door, did as I asked (believe it or not!), and walked out the door ahead of me. Presumably BEAR was with her, but I cannot be certain.

She walked around the front of the vehicle, I walked around the back and met up with her at her door when she kept pointing to the car and saying “Bear? Bear. Bear!”

So I looked under the car, over the car, inside the car, around the car, retraced steps back into the house. No BEAR. We have searched pretty much every inch of Nena’s house, garage and yard to no avail. He has just vanished.

She has asked for him occasionally throughout the past two days, and I just say, “Where is he, Addie? We are looking for him and we can’t find where you put him?!”

She just shrugs her little shoulders and says, “Dunno, Mama. Where he go?”

So she has been sleeping (although last night she was very restless), but she doesn’t seem too brokenhearted, I don’t think. I, on the other hand, am being much more sentimental about the whole thing. It is the BEAR that Em picked out for her while I was still pregnant, and then she brought it to the hospital for Ad when she got to come meet her for the very first time. I can still hear Emma, so proud, (so little!) when she passed the BEAR as he sat on our mantle for nearly a month, “Bear for our baby, Mama!”

I guess I kind of have an attachment to the little guy, too.

And now…we also have a M.I.A. kitty, too! Little stuffed gray KITTY is also missing. (Note the completely original naming of all of our stuffed animals around here, I told you the kid was a genius!)

We are completely mystified. Clearly we have stumbled upon the Bermuda Triangle of Stuffed Animals here.


3 Responses to “A.P.B. on a M.I.A. B.E.A.R.”

  1. 1 Christina July 23, 2007 at 12:10 pm

    Oh NO!!!! I can only imagine the trauma of losing TedBear, so I really hope BEAR turns up soon! Like you, I am at least as attached to Nadia’s teddy bear as she is.

  2. 2 Laura McIntyre July 25, 2007 at 1:13 am

    Oh gosh i hope it turns up soon, my girls do not have “loveys” i guess i should be gratefully although i have always loved the idea of them

  1. 1 What do we think? « Barely Controlled Chaos Trackback on July 27, 2007 at 12:40 pm

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