Where did she go?

I got a “You’re the best mommy ever!” from Emma about 5 minutes into our “date” today.

There is nothing in the baby books that prepares you for that. Of course I responded, “You’re the best little girl ever!” but I was still reeling from that sweet little voice. Saying those so sweet words.

And then the guilt started creeping in.

I had decided earlier this week that I was going to take her out for an afternoon. Just her and I. Lately when I pick her up from school she is very “concerned” with what Addie and I did while she was at school. I don’t think it is really jealousy, but there is just a twinge of hurt in her voice, like we betrayed her by going off and having fun while she was…well…off having fun at school.

I guess we have all just been charging forward, flying through summer, either jetting off at breakneck speeds on vacation, or so entrenched in our daily routines here that I haven’t really given much attention to the actual development occurring within both of the girls. They have become these incredible little “sponges” soaking up and processing information more quickly than it can possibly be thrown at them. I simply can’t keep up.

E. is doing incredibly well at school. Her teacher assures me that she is a perfect student and told me yesterday that all the kids fight in the classroom because they want to sit near her, play with her at recess, or be her “snack buddy.” I love hearing this, but at the same time it leaves me scratching my head and wondering where did my seemingly shy little girl go? How did she become this incredibly smart, social butterfly?

I guess I’m just lost over here in la-la land. Oblivious to my girls growing up. Or maybe it is a self-defense mechanism. I just don’t want them to grow up. I just want to yell, “Stop! Just stop, will you?”

Or at the very least…”Slow down so your Mama can keep up.”

Oh, and as for the “date” today, we had a great time. Thanks for asking.

I’ll share our thoughts (Yes, our thoughts, because E. had some pretty astute and insightful comments, too.) on the movie we saw, Arctic Tale, maybe tomorrow. It requires a little soapboxing and I need to get in my “tree-hugging” frame of mind, before I can write about it. Plus it deserves its own post and a little bit of anger, too. And I’m not ready for all of that tonight. So soon. Stay tuned.


2 Responses to “Where did she go?”

  1. 1 Christina August 10, 2007 at 5:57 pm

    Emma sounds like such a special little girl…and it’s no wonder with a mother like you!

  2. 2 Laura McIntyre August 14, 2007 at 11:03 pm

    Emma sounds like an amazing kid, i get so sad watching my kids grow . The idea of a date for the older kids is a wonderful idear – may have to steal it

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