Again with this.

For the love of God, please stop making toys that need to be recalled.

Another Mattel/Fisher Price recall. This one is for some lead paint and some faulty magnets and the list has a TON of Polly Pockets on them. With the last recall, we actually did have a few of the toys on the list, and even if they hadn’t been purchased during the “time-frame,” I removed them from the house – along with a bunch of other offensive big plastic toys that had been “forgotten.” In fact, those toys have been in the garage for over two weeks, and nobody even misses them, most of all Mommy.

But if they think I am going to get the Polly Pockets out of the playroom without two little somebodies noticing, they are clearly delusional. And it is not close enough to Christmas to do the ‘ol, “we need to go through our toys and give them to some kids who might not get any for Christmas” trick.


1 Response to “Again with this.”

  1. 1 arizaphale August 16, 2007 at 4:55 am

    I agree. And for the Lord’s sake…who remember exactly when they bought that last Polly Pocket?????? I am so glad we are out of that phase. We packed all the Barbies, Baby Borns, Bratz (I hated them and never bought one but all our relatives did!) and sundry Polly and Betty Spaghetti off to some friends, recently arrived from the UK with minimal possessions. She wouldn’t part with the Beanie Babies though 🙂
    Anyway…get your act together Mattel!!

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