Small Change #8 Wrap-up and Challenge #9

I didn’t hear from anyone? Did anybody donate some school supplies for kids in need this past month?

I honestly did want to do this one. I kept a lookout for a drop-off area where I could dump some supplies, but never really found one. I was actually disappointed, because if you recall, I have quite an affinity for all things fall, and start-of-school, related.

The girls and I did however donate money to an organization here in Pasadena which helps buy coats, shoes and back-to-school clothes for underprivileged kids in the area. I figure that counts, too, right? Just as necessary as pencils and paper. The organization was at a table set-up outside of the Ralph’s.

Now, I usually really dislike when people sit outside a store and ask for donations. When I am on a mission, dragging 2 children who are usually not pleased to be visiting the grocery store, trying to remember what is on my grocery list, which was left at home on the table, and trying to get in and out of the store before a major meltdown – the last thing on my mind is to stop and dig around looking for a few bucks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a grinch. In fact I know we are very fortunate and we try to be very charitable, but I just like to pick when and where I give our donations. It allows me to really know what we are giving is going where I think it is. But since I was seeking out a place to do this month’s challenge, I did stop, gave a listen, donated, and got a receipt – mostly for tax reasons, but also so I could remember the name of the place and could post it.

And now, I cannot for the life of me find that stupid receipt. So long story short, we did it. Sort of. And you’ll have to just trust me on this one. I’ve got no proof.

This month’s challenge I think is fantastic, though! I love the whole “pay it forward” idea.

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it is…

“Do one thing every week this month completely out of the blue for a total stranger. Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in the Dunkin Donuts drive thru line. Stick a scratch off lottery ticket under the windshield wiper of a strangers car. Leave a very large tip for a very small bill at lunch. That one small thing you do could change someone’s life.

Cool, huh? At first I thought, “Wow! We could get some great stories out of this!” But in reality, you’ll probably never get to see the effect your “small thing” will have.

But just think of how you feel when you get a kind word from a stranger, or someone just holds the door for you as you struggle with children, strollers, bags, etc. Doesn’t it brighten your day?

The other day when we were in the grocery store and A. was having a complete meltdown and another (definitely had to be a mom) lady looked over at me and offered up a sweet “been there” smile. I rolled my eyes, shrugged my shoulders and said, “well, she’s almost 2 – what do you do?” And we both laughed and just that one moment, helped me get through the rest of the trip. The rest of the day. And I have vowed to make sure I give that smile now anytime I see a mom battling with her child. Who knows, maybe it will help her get through what would have otherwise been a miserable, tough day.

See how it works? Try it, and come back and let us know if you do.


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