Not sure if you’ve heard…

…or not, but a certain someone in our house is turning five next month.

Good gracious, FIVE.

We are reminded daily around here.

“When I turn five, my feet are going to be all the way to the end of my flip-flops!”
“When I turn five, I will be big enough to go to the school across the street! I get to go every day!”
“When I turn five, we are going to talk about getting a puppy!”

Yeah. Somehow, “We’ll talk about getting a puppy when you are older,” translates into “When I’m five we are going to get a puppy,” to a four (and 11/12ths) year old.

But, we were in the petstore last week and the girls were watching these hamsters and giggling so hard at them. (I must begrudgingly admit, they were really, really cute!) And all of a sudden Emma turns to me and says, “Hey, can I get a hamster Mom? Maybe for my birthday when I turn five?”

Of course I responded with what every good mom would say when put on the spot such as this, “Um…let’s talk to Daddy and see what he says.”

So for the rest of the day, this is all I heard.



So Dad walks in and she bombards him with the question of the day.

And what does Daddy say?

“Well, they are a lot of work, but if you take care of the cats for 2 weeks, you can get a hamster.”


He knows that I will be the one taking care of this rodent, right? He claims that she will never take care of the cats for two weeks, and that will be our “out.”

However, she is obsessed. She checks the catbox three, sometimes four, times a day. She announces that they “do not need food or water right now.” (We have the self-feeders. Rarely do they need to be filled.)

And she apparently thinks that showing she is “interested” in the cats will earn her some bonus points in the “Great Hamster Debate ’08.” She has taken to “carrying” Smokey around.


This cracks me up on so many levels. Those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting our Smokey know that she used to be the crabbiest, most finicky, a very independent cat. Rarely coming out of hiding, and never, I repeat NEVER, allowing a scratch or pet, unless she initiated contact first.

She clearly is attention deprived since the girls came along. She now allows both of the girls to carry her around, pet even the sacred “back region” (which used to be off-limits completely) and pretty much do anything they want to her, including occasionally using her as a pillow.


We have 12 more days til our 2-weeks are up. We’ll see if we are going to have a new addition to the family or not.

But on the upside, we could be done with trying to figure out a gift. Since I’m kind of at a loss, that would be one plus in this whole debacle.


7 Responses to “Not sure if you’ve heard…”

  1. 1 Maggie March 4, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    I forsee a small rodent like creature in your (very near) future. But, you know, five is totally a big deal….I mean, it’s like a WHOLE hand! What could be bigger than that? You know, other than being two whole hands or something…

  2. 2 Elisa March 4, 2008 at 6:52 pm

    Hahahhahahaha – wait, let me catch my breath……hahahahahahhahaha

    Okay – enough tormenting you. Hamsters are AWESOME pets! Get the little plastic ball thing so it can run around the house protected! (from the cats and small places it might get into but not out of!) Pick a calm one….we fell into the trap thinking calm was boring and picked the one that was jumping like a loon….it was a loon. It was such a nut that we really didn’t let it out much because I envisioned chasing it through the house…why wasn’t it the calm hamster I had as a kid that sat in my dad’s shirt pocket and slept while he did crossword puzzles. Anyway – they are fun and not too hard to keep care of!!!

    As for the “When I am five” thing….prepare her that she will NOT go to the school across the street the day she turns five – or even the day after! James was so honked off at me the day after he turned 5 when I took him back to preschool. He thought he got to start kindergarten that very next day. School year calendars and such mean NOTHING to an eager little student who wants to hang with the big kids!

  3. 3 Christina March 5, 2008 at 7:07 am

    I think you’re doomed. Two weeks from now, there will be a new addition to your family….named Tippy Toes. LOL. Too cute how everything hinges on “when I’m 5.”

    P.S. Man, I wish our cat was that easy going! Nadia tries to love on him, but he just doesn’t want it.

  4. 4 kim March 5, 2008 at 8:44 am

    hehehe… I hope that little rat you’re going to buy doesn’t get loose in your house, crawl under your stove and perish there, causing a big stink. Sorry, sorry, that’s not nice. I know. The whole story is just so funny!
    I think it’s possible that the whole “taking-care-of-the-cats” thing could wear off before the two weeks are up. But if it doesn’t think about it this way….. it sure isn’t a dog!

  5. 5 Papa March 5, 2008 at 4:52 pm

    Do ya think that Smokey might have an ulterior motive? Like, if I cooperate now, they’re going to bring a Rodent in here for me to play with YEAH.


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