The big day – 500th post and my little girl turns five.

How fitting that I started this journal/blog to record all of the girls’ achievements for them and our family and this very post is my 500th on this blog? The day my little girl turns five.

Five! Five. Years. Old.

Some milestones I don’t feel sad about until after they happen. Like after Emma started walking, only then did I stop and realize that she was leaving her babyhood behind. Or that day, not too long ago, when I realized that not only does she not mispronounce some words any longer, she is spelling them.

But other milestones, like while Em anxiously awaited her chance to go to preschool, or this one – waiting to turn the magical “five,” I have been in angst over for weeks and weeks ahead of time. And I’ve been trying desperately to figure out a way to keep her miraculously four. Obviously my master plan has not unfolded quite how I envisioned it.

But somehow her incredible excitement over these moments is contagious and I make it through them and realize that they really are causes for celebration. All a part of growing up, right? I was re-reading some stuff I wrote around Em’s birthday last year and I had written…

“The births happened exactly how I wanted them to: no epidurals, no unnecessary interventions, with J. by my side as they both made their entrance into the world. I love celebrating their birthdays because we are celebrating their births, obviously, but deep down it is a celebration for me, too. I brought them safely into this world, and we were all able to get through another year together.”

So I am just going to remember this and try not to get too emotional over the fact that my little girl is going to be five. And just celebrate the amazing little girl she has become, plus the fun journey we have been on, instead.


(Yeah…the Starbucks folks think I am crazy as I sit here trying to compose her “Birthday Letter,” tears streaming down my face. So much for not getting too emotional.)


3 Responses to “The big day – 500th post and my little girl turns five.”

  1. 1 kim April 9, 2008 at 9:54 am

    Happy 500 to you, Care!!! Give Em a big hug from each of us. When you’re giving her the hug from Will, make sure you put your head right up to her chest and shake it a little… it’s Wills signature hug. 🙂

  2. 2 Christina April 10, 2008 at 12:27 pm

    I feel exactly the same way about the significance of a child’s birthday…it’s a celebration not only of her entrance into this world, but of the miracle of giving birth and the miracle of another year as mother, watching this sweet “baby” grow more than you ever dreamed. Enjoy YOUR special day, too!

  3. 3 Christina April 10, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    P.S. You are blessed to have experienced such beautiful births. Nadia’s did not go as I had dreamed…and while she and I are both healthy and that’s all that really matters, I still have regrets over that.

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