So it is going to be one of THOSE days?

We are sitting at the breakfast table eating and Addie gets down and wanders into the dining room.

M: Addison, please come back in and finish your eggs.
A: (comes flying back into the kitchen in tears) Mama! Mamaaaaaa!
M: Sit down and finish your breakfast.
A: But Smokey doesn’t like my beautiful dress!
M: (Smokey? As in…our cat?) What?
A: Smokey doesn’t think my dress is beautiful! (More sobbing.)
M: Well, I don’t think I would take fashion advice from a cat, Addison. Eat your breakfast.
(More sniffling, but also some eating.)
Then Emma chimes in.
E: Yeah, Smokey only knows about having fur.

Which causes another eruption of tears from Addie.

It is not even 8:00am. It is going to be a long day, isn’t it?


8 Responses to “So it is going to be one of THOSE days?”

  1. 1 Michelle Potter August 20, 2008 at 8:54 am

    Oh my, you’re in for some fun. LOL.

  2. 2 Vicky August 20, 2008 at 9:01 am

    What did Smokey “say” that made her think that (s)he didn’t like her dress?

  3. 3 Becoming Me August 20, 2008 at 9:43 am

    Oh the drama of little girls…nothing like it.

  4. 4 Christina August 20, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    Oh dear. Oh dear dear dear!

    Where the heck do they get this stuff?! Nadia told me yesterday that the cat wants to dress up in a princess dress like her.

    The silver lining is, it provides great blog fodder!

    But I hope the day got better.

  5. 5 Michelle August 20, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    Oh hoo ho ha ha….The things that come out of kids’ mouths…love it! (Good question, Vicky! LOL)

  6. 6 amenthree August 20, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    OMG…that is too funny. I feel your pain dear, but that is hysterical. I can’t stop laughing. Poor Smokey…

  7. 7 Cara August 20, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    I can just see the cats expression…”She right I only know fur” LOL

  8. 8 Kim August 21, 2008 at 7:48 pm

    What???? Oh man, she is something!

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