New digs

I’ve been slowly getting my blog moved over to host it myself. And I do mean slowly…like J. set it up for me last August or September, I think?

Then last week I had some computer problems with my Mac which forced me to do my real work on the old PC desktop that I don’t think I’ve used since we moved to our house. (Yes, almost 3 years ago.) Anyhow, I pulled up my blog to post something and YEOW! Oh, wow. I think apologies are in order for those of you on PCs and running a (more than likely) old version of Firefox. Good thing the girls are very, very cute – because otherwise why would you look at those icky photos? They were all noisy, distorted, and just…ick! Not at all like they look on my pretty little Mac.

Long story, short…I worked last week to get my blog moved over…and now I can make all kinds of fun adjustments and make my photos big! And bright! And hopefully much, much clearer and nicer to look at for all of you on PCs.(Thanks again Christina for being my QA testing!)

So run on over and check it…I’m over at And if you have me bookmarked or in a reader, please remember to change it there too! I’ll be there from here on out. The era of icky photos is over.


2 Responses to “New digs”

  1. 1 golightly March 17, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    Lucky for me on my Vista platform PC, they never looked icky! See you over there!

  2. 2 Братц February 25, 2010 at 2:07 am

    How your project develops?

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