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Recharge ~ Best Shot Monday

We said goodbye to our visitors and basically spent the rest of the weekend just recharging and gearing up for the week. And the weather was so very cooperative. It was mid-80s, sunny, just perfect.

So while we were very productive and got all the little stuff done like laundry, picking up dry cleaning, grocery shopping, and returning library books; we also got a lot of time to do stuff like hangin’ in the hammock…

Hammock hangin'

And hunting for our friendly avocado tree dweller…

Squirrel hunting

Ah! I think J. and Em found him…

Did you see those squirrels?

He provided us with about 30 minutes of entertainment…

Nutty buddy

It was such a lovely day.

Lazy Saturdays

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Three Musketeers ~ Best Shot Monday

Have been a little absent this weekend because our friends from Chicago swung into town…


And even cold, cough and fever have not slowed these girls down…

Three Musketeers

We are off and running for the week, but we’ll try to check in from time to time. In the meantime, stop over to Tracey’s for some more BSMs to start the week off.

My Funny Valentines ~ Best Shot Monday

Beautiful flowers, a bag of all green, peanut M&Ms, an extra day in the weekend, and an amazing day with all three of my funny Valentines –

My funny Valentines

Life is so good.

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Addie-tude ~ Best Shot Monday

I know someday her iron will, independent spirit and stubborn streak is going to serve her well. And, yes, I do want her to grow into a strong and liberated young woman…


But, whew boy!

If I hear “I wanted to do it, Mama!” one more time before she dissolves into yet another fit of tears…I may just throw myself off of the top of that jungle gym!  (AND, she is now big enough to open the car door from the outside by herself. How on earth did that happen?)

I mean, just look at this Addie-tude! I think this photo pretty much says it all. She is a 3-year old girl on a mission!


And I wouldn’t change one tiny piece of her for anything.
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Good Friends & A Park Bench ~ Best Shot Monday

Friendly park bench

Sometimes you just need to take a little breather, pull up a bench, and hang with some good friends.
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How do we get the candy? ~ Best Shot Monday

Technically, this was a horrible shot. That was indeed a very plaid sofa behind the girls. So I tried to tone down the colors by editing the photo and making it black & white. Plus the lighting wasn’t so great and it was what I imagine it would be like to be a member of the paparazzi at a Hollywood movie premier, with about ten moms and dads jockeying for position, trying to take photos, flashes going off left and right.

But all of that aside, I cannot stop looking at this photo and just smiling. My two princesses, (it was a Princess-themed birthday party for Addie’s little friend) anxiously waiting for someone to just bust open that pinata!

Such concentration and seriousness! How can it not be my Best Shot Monday for today?

Pinata Watching

Brought to You by Emma and the Letter “S” ~ Best Shot Monday

It is nearly impossible to get a good photo of Em lately. She sees the camera and she thinks she has to strike a pose.

I get a lot of Silly Emmy….

sassy emmy

Or if I can sneak a shot of her when she doesn’t know I’m shooting, I get some Serious Emmy

serious emmy

Oh hey, there’s the camera! And this would be Sassy Emmy

silly emmy

But maybe every one out of 100 photos, we get to see our Sweet, Sweet Emmy

sweet emmy

…and my favorite shot of the week.

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