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Crafty Tuesday

Yeah…so…about last week. I kinda forgot to post anything, and honestly didn’t really have anything to post anyhow.

And this week? I don’t have anything to post anyhow.

I do have some stuff in the works (Aunt Laura and Carey your bags are coming!) but since I didn’t get them out in the mail, I don’t want to spoil the surprise by posting them today.

I am finally getting through all of the feeds in my reader from last week and getting caught back up, so I am anxious to see if you all have some goodies for me to check out this week.

Now, on to some other business…

A certain little someone in our house is turning six in a month. My God, did you hear me? Six! SIX!

What are we going to get her for her birthday?

Almost six?!

Besides new jeans (because she has grown like three inches in the past month) or a brick (for her head to make her STOP growing) – what is something fun that six-year olds like these days? Any ideas?


Crafty Tuesday

I have been spending all of my free time in my craft room for the past two weeks.

Not that I have any crafts to show today…but I ask you to behold the awesome-ness that is my new and improved scrap/craft area. Clean, organized, ready and waiting.

Everything in a place

It is a Type A’s dream, let me tell you.

A few months ago, we bought a more practical and useful desk, so my scrap cubes got condensed over into the corner and they have been languishing over there, ever so unhappily with my infrequent visits. Then I went in search of some ribbon to make a collar for a stuffed animal and realized – the amount of ribbon I have is…riDICuLOUS!

So, I broke down and bought the clip-it-up ribbon organizer. I figured there was no way I was going to get the time, supplies and gumption together all at the same time in order to fashion some sort of ribbon holder, so I spent the money, and just look at it there on the wall!

Ribbon! Ribbon! Ribbon!

And once I had organized all the ribbon, it started a snowball effect. Now I had an empty drawer and an empty box, so I started organizing the other drawers and pretty soon…every brad, every piece of paper, every embellishment had a new home.

And I started finding little trays, jars, and cans and re-purposing them. The tall can here is from my mocha powder, and the shorter, fatter one used to have Zingerman’s macaroons in it. (Mmmm…Zingerman’s. Macaroons.) I just covered them with some pretty paper and now I have some cool new storage tins.

New holders

I am on a roll. If I were a closet or a drawer in my house, I would be a little scared right now – or maybe excited, I’m not sure which! One thing is for sure, it makes me so anxious to get in there and create something. Now!

And, we have a winner! ~ Crafty Tuesday

Thanks to everyone for playing along with last week’s giveaway (and for clicking through to find out how to Save Handmade!), I used the trusty random number picker, and came up with our winner…


And the fourth comment was from my friend over at Blueberry and the Bean (and Sprout, too!). I’ve been reading about her little Bean (which I am partial to, since my childhood nickname was also Bean!) for a long time. I can still remember when the little Sprout was born, and I am just so very excited that she won.  So watch Crafty Tuesday in the next few weeks to see what I can come up with for her.

Besides the contest, there hasn’t been much craftiness going on around our digs. I have a Valentine that I’m supposed to be pimping out (secretly) to send for Emma during their class party this week. But since it is a secret, I haven’t really had much time to work on it. I started it on the Craft Nite we did last Friday, but didn’t manage to even finish the one little card. In my defense, the Craft Nite was totally fun but more than anything it was mostly just gossip hour(s) with some friends and drinks.

But it did inspire me to clean out/up my scrapbook corner! It is lookin’ so good, but still needs a leee-ttle bit of work. I’ll post some photos when it gets there.

So, instead? Let’s discuss some other crazy crafty cuteness! Have you seen Jen’s amazing stuff over at the New Green Mama? Her stuff is just pure sweetness. I saw an owl there awhile ago and had it in mind for somebody for a birthday present. And so last week she posted a new one to her Etsy store and I popped over and snapped it up.

And then the owl arrived on our doorstop.


Me thinks that the little owl might not leave ever leave my house. It is so…so…cute!


And she looks so great on her perch on top of my desk, too…


And…AND! She also sent along a little coffee cozy. Which has been in use nearly every single day since I received it. Gah, I love it!

I adore the little tweet bird. Have you noticed that these little birds seem to be popping up everywhere? I’m so in love with all the little bird stuff right now.

So anyhow…if you haven’t been by Jen’s go visit her now and give her a little love. Her stuff is fantastic – and as an added bonus it is all made from reclaimed, up-cycled products! Great stuff for you, and good for the environment too. You can’t beat it.

And I’m sure that you all have more craft cuteness for us today too…right?

Crafty Tuesday

So, we are going to do today’s Crafty Tuesday a little differently. Partly because even though our Crafty Party last week was totally fun, I didn’t get any real crafting done, and I don’t have anything to show today.  But mostly because I was reading Swistle last week and wanted to get in on her idea for some giveaways to raise awareness on the CPSIA issue.

The CPSIA legislation doesn’t directly affect me since I don’t sell any of my goods. But it could seriously hurt my Etsy addiction, and the world of handmade crafts in general. I know that many of you have already joined me in signing the petitions and writing your congressmen and women, I just ask that you continue your support. And proof that every signature and letter helps – last week the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission voted to suspend the act for one year to review the rules and how they will enforce it. Good news for all crafty folks and hopefully a reasonable solution will be found.

So on to the giveaway! I will craft a custom bag for the winner. It can be a kidlet for your kiddie, or a reusable shopping bag for yourself. Leave a comment and promise that you will at least click the “Save Handmade” button over there on the right (see it?) and see if there is something you might be able to do to help.

That’s it! I’ll leave the comments open until Sunday, February 8th at midnight. Then I’ll randomly select a winner and we’ll collaborate to get you a sweet bag!

Crafty Tuesday

Pink and purple and sparkles…that is what little girls’ ballet bags are made of.

I have been wanting to make a bag for her ballet slippers since Em started dancing, oh…three years ago or so. And now her friend has started dance class as well, and I thought a bag would be a good gift for her.  Finally I was able to find pink, purple, sparkly fabric with toe shoes on it.

So, bags were made yesterday!

Ballet bag

Emma’s face when I handed her bag to her was priceless. “OH, Mama! I really love it,” she squealed. And then Elizabeth and her ballet clothes were put into the bag within the first five minutes and we headed over to the park.

Em's bag

Perhaps, I’ll have to make her a bag/backpack to carry Elizabeth. I can’t even imagine the reaction I would get from that one.

Crafty Tuesday

No, I didn’t forget, exactly…and it IS still Tuesday, it just really feels like Monday to me.

I had asked J. last week if he got MLK day off and he said, “Pshaw…no!” But then later he called me and said, “Hey, guess what? We do get Monday off!”

And since he is going to be a bit busy and traveling the next two weeks (that little thing called the SuperBowl, you know…) we decided to do a little impromptu mini-vacation. We took the girls down to Disneyland for the weekend and stayed overnight at a hotel with an indoor pool, which is almost as exciting to the girls as Disney…almost! We had a great time, and I’ll put up some photos and stories later. (Thanks for all of your help, Uncle Jeff!!)

And yesterday we just had a lovely day at home. It was what weekends are supposed to be like, I think. Relaxing and fun and just a little bit productive.

So…that is why I woke up feeling like it was Monday. And why I did not even think of Crafty Tuesday until a few moments ago.

But both girls are at school, and President Obama was just inaugurated, so I think it is indeed Tuesday.

I unfortunately only have two measly cards to show today. I have a stack of fun stuff to use and I’m feeling very creative – so I expect that I’ll get some stuff done while J. is away this upcoming few weeks.

These are the cards I made for my parents last week for their birthdays.

Birthday cards

Again with those tri-fold, cross cut envelopes. I do like doing those. And I included my two favorite quotes:

God could not be everywhere, so he created Mothers. ~Jewish proverb

Any man can be a father, it takes someone special to be a Dad. ~Anonymous

So happy TUESDAY to all of you! Do you have anything good to show?

Crafty Tuesday

I’ve got a whole lot of “should’ve – would’ve – could’ve” today.

I should’ve had at least four or five new bags to show, but my sewing machine has been quiet for the past two-ish weeks. My list of promised bags continues to grow.

I would’ve shown you the birthday cards I created today, but since I sent them off late – they will not be to their intended recipients for a few days, so I can’t show them either.

And then I remembered that I never got to show my scrapbook weekend project since it was a Christmas gift. But it has been delivered to my mom-in-law, so I could’ve shown that. But…yeah. I apparently did not take any photos of my layouts. Bah. The only photo I got of my hard work was this one…you can kind of see some layouts if you squint a little.


I told you my weekend was productive! I finished the entire scrapbook in one weekend – maybe someday I’ll get to photograph it for the archives.

I did get some great scrapbooking stuff for Christmas (Thanks Mom & Dad, Kimmer and Jeff!) so I am jonesing to get in there and scrap, maybe after I whittle down my sewing pile a little bit this week.

How about all of you? I know Stacy has something over at her place. Anyone else have some good stuff to show?

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