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Voris Family Photos


New digs

I’ve been slowly getting my blog moved over to host it myself. And I do mean slowly…like J. set it up for me last August or September, I think?

Then last week I had some computer problems with my Mac which forced me to do my real work on the old PC desktop that I don’t think I’ve used since we moved to our house. (Yes, almost 3 years ago.) Anyhow, I pulled up my blog to post something and YEOW! Oh, wow. I think apologies are in order for those of you on PCs and running a (more than likely) old version of Firefox. Good thing the girls are very, very cute – because otherwise why would you look at those icky photos? They were all noisy, distorted, and just…ick! Not at all like they look on my pretty little Mac.

Long story, short…I worked last week to get my blog moved over…and now I can make all kinds of fun adjustments and make my photos big! And bright! And hopefully much, much clearer and nicer to look at for all of you on PCs.(Thanks again Christina for being my QA testing!)

So run on over and check it…I’m over at And if you have me bookmarked or in a reader, please remember to change it there too! I’ll be there from here on out. The era of icky photos is over.

Smokey’s spot.

Smokey’s favorite spot on “her” chair.


She was our first “baby.” I can still remember picking her out of the bunch in that old barn almost fourteen years ago. And attempting to give her a bath (or five) to get rid of her fleas. And then her attempt to singe all of the whiskers off of her face when she got too close to a candle. And the many cross-continental flights she took with us on our moves. And introducing her to her the much detested Tiger cat (although I think they grew to secretly love each other!). And the way she would run from the furthest corner of the house with a chorus of “meows” when she would hear the whip cream can get uncapped.

She was such a good kitty and we are just trying to remember all of those good things today. But I have a very heavy heart when I look at her empty spot. She will be so very missed.

Summertime? ~ Theme Thursday

Stacy asked for some summer reminders today.

This isn’t completely “summer-y,” since when we visited the beach yesterday it was only low 60s, and the water was frigid! (Yeah, Addie found out first hand, as she fell headfirst into a wave!) – But it is sunny, there are blue skies, and proof that summer is a-comin’!


Hey…I have a secret!

hey...i have a secret!

Somebody (four somebodies to be exact!) is coming to visit us in six days! We could not be more excited!

It IS a Small World

Okay, so while I was writing the contest post, I figured that Miss GoLightly would figure it out – where we spent Valentine’s day – the moment she saw the photo. She and her little Harrison may get to visit the “Happiest place on Earth” even more than we do! (Thanks again for the help, Uncle Jeff!)

But, a lot of you knew where we were, and GL just happened to be a little quicker on the draw, so I gotta give it to her! (And one of these days we are going to get to actually meet up there, GL!)

So yes, we did spend the day at Disneyland. It was very, very fun. Em and Ad got to go on It’s a Small World for the first time (they had been on it before, but were just too little to remember it – or had slept through it!), and I think it is definitely Addie’s favorite. Of course, it didn’t hurt that when they just renovated it, they put in some of her favorite characters like Cinderella and…

A new addition to Small World

Oh, yes. It is, to Addie’s pure delight, Ariel.

Don’t worry Small World purists – they did a wonderful job adding the new characters. It is truly well done, and doesn’t distract from the charming, retro feel of the ride, in the least. I’m not quite sure how they do it, but they did do it, yet again. It doesn’t matter how many times I visit, I still get giddy, and just…happy being there. It is so easy to just let all of your “adultness” go, and just be an awestruck kid.

Arriving via monorail

Anyhow, on to the fun. We are working on riding every ride, so we tried to fit in ones we had never been on before. Of course we had to do some of the favorites again. There are some like Pirates and Space Mountain that we have to do every single time we go.

Last time we were there we realized that Addie was actually tall enough to ride the Matterhorn and she really wanted to try it. She liked the rollercoaster part, but when we got off she kept saying, “I just don’t like that scary monster (abominable snowman) part!”

waiting to get on the Matterhorn

But she wanted to go again this time, so we did. She still doesn’t like the “monster” part, but I think it has been added to the list of “must dos” when we return again.

It is the little rides that sometimes make the biggest hits, though. We did the Rocketships in Tomorrowland, which admittedly, we had never waited to do with the girls, and J. and I never did on our own. They are fun…

Driving the rocket

…especially if you can figure out how to get them to “fly,” right Em & Daddy?

Trying to figure out the rockets...

All in all, it was a perfect Valentine’s day.

The castle at dusk

A little contest…

A (small!) prize to the first commenter who correctly guesses where we spent our Day of Love today.

Here is a hint…


And bonus points if you know where I was when I shot this photo!

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