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Happy Friday!

This is the face that greeted me afterschool yesterday. She decided to leave the paint on her face to “show Mommy.”

Something on my face?

Silly girl.


Share Day

Share day

Em got to bring Lauren to school today for her Share Day. It was so very cute. She was so excited to share her best friend with all of her classmates. But I think she got a little nervous because Mommy was watching from the back of the room, too.

E: “Hi, Boys and Girls” (YES! She really did say that!)
“Hiiii, Emma!”
“My share today is my friend. She is from Chicago. Hmmm…her favorite color is pink. And I like her because she has been my friend for a long time.
( little pause )
I can take questions now.”
Classmate: “Um…What is her name?
“Oh, Lauren!”
“How old is she?”
E: “5 and a half!”

And…that was it! It was great. Em gave Lauren a hug and we were on our way. So funny.

Summertime? ~ Theme Thursday

Stacy asked for some summer reminders today.

This isn’t completely “summer-y,” since when we visited the beach yesterday it was only low 60s, and the water was frigid! (Yeah, Addie found out first hand, as she fell headfirst into a wave!) – But it is sunny, there are blue skies, and proof that summer is a-comin’!


A Girl-y Kind of Day

For Christmas, J. had given Em tickets to see the Junie B. Jones show.

And since Kim and Lauren were going to be here, they got to come to the show, as well. The show was really cute, perfectly timed for little Junie B.’s like ours…

2 little Junie B.s

So we made it a special day for the girls and took them to lunch…

Lunch with friends

And then we all got a little pampering…

All the girls

Getting pampered

And some pretty toes out of the deal…

Pretty toes

A pretty good deal, and a very fun afternoon.

Happy Birthday To You…

Better late than never.  And since she is on the West coast here with us this week…it is STILL Kim’s birthday –  for two more hours!

Happy Birthday Kim! May you have beachy, carrot-cake filled dreams!

Happy Birthday to Kim!

(And yeah, Will blew out Kim’s candles for her. And no, she is not 22, but I only had 2 measly candles in the cupboard! She is 29 again…)

Love you, my friend!

If 3-year olds controlled the fashion world ~ Wordless Wednesday


More WW.

Three Musketeers ~ Best Shot Monday

Have been a little absent this weekend because our friends from Chicago swung into town…


And even cold, cough and fever have not slowed these girls down…

Three Musketeers

We are off and running for the week, but we’ll try to check in from time to time. In the meantime, stop over to Tracey’s for some more BSMs to start the week off.

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