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Crafty Tuesday

Yeah…so…about last week. I kinda forgot to post anything, and honestly didn’t really have anything to post anyhow.

And this week? I don’t have anything to post anyhow.

I do have some stuff in the works (Aunt Laura and Carey your bags are coming!) but since I didn’t get them out in the mail, I don’t want to spoil the surprise by posting them today.

I am finally getting through all of the feeds in my reader from last week and getting caught back up, so I am anxious to see if you all have some goodies for me to check out this week.

Now, on to some other business…

A certain little someone in our house is turning six in a month. My God, did you hear me? Six! SIX!

What are we going to get her for her birthday?

Almost six?!

Besides new jeans (because she has grown like three inches in the past month) or a brick (for her head to make her STOP growing) – what is something fun that six-year olds like these days? Any ideas?

Share Day

Share day

Em got to bring Lauren to school today for her Share Day. It was so very cute. She was so excited to share her best friend with all of her classmates. But I think she got a little nervous because Mommy was watching from the back of the room, too.

E: “Hi, Boys and Girls” (YES! She really did say that!)
“Hiiii, Emma!”
“My share today is my friend. She is from Chicago. Hmmm…her favorite color is pink. And I like her because she has been my friend for a long time.
( little pause )
I can take questions now.”
Classmate: “Um…What is her name?
“Oh, Lauren!”
“How old is she?”
E: “5 and a half!”

And…that was it! It was great. Em gave Lauren a hug and we were on our way. So funny.

A Girl-y Kind of Day

For Christmas, J. had given Em tickets to see the Junie B. Jones show.

And since Kim and Lauren were going to be here, they got to come to the show, as well. The show was really cute, perfectly timed for little Junie B.’s like ours…

2 little Junie B.s

So we made it a special day for the girls and took them to lunch…

Lunch with friends

And then we all got a little pampering…

All the girls

Getting pampered

And some pretty toes out of the deal…

Pretty toes

A pretty good deal, and a very fun afternoon.

Love ~ Theme Thursday

Love ~ Theme Thursday

I love to watch you read.

I love listening to you read me bedtime stories.

I love that this is your favorite book from the library.


And I especially love that this is your favorite page, (that you have a favorite page!)


My “Someday” is every day with you. And I love it.

Wait, I see the sun! ~ Wordless Wednesday


…and there it goes again.(Yeah, we are a little over all the rain here lately.)

More WW here.

Shorter still…

Yes, Emmy’s hair is even shorter than the last post.

Yesterday morning when I was brushing her hair, I realized that the stylist did a kind of crappy job on the back of her hair, it was so uneven. So afterschool I took her back and our regular girl was there. She took one look at Em’s hair and said, “What on Earth did she do? I will definitely even it out, but I’m going to have to take a little more off – is that ok?”

Another inch later…

Yep, it is shorter!

…and here we are. Her headband is sliding down a little, but it really does look so cute! I’ve been calling her my “little pixie” all day. I really do like being able to see her pretty little face and I think the cut definitely makes her face not seem so long, or old! She looks like a cute, little (almost!) six year old, now.

V-day card from Mommy and Daddy

She is looking at her Valentine from J. and I. We had homework last week! Her teacher sent home a red heart that we were to decorate for our k-gartener. We were supposed to put three positive adjectives (yes, they did have to actually say “positive”) that describe them and then secretly slip the valentines back into the classroom.

They opened them during their party today and then they all wore them out the door at pick-up time. They were so very proud of them.

We chose smart and caring for Em, both of them were very easy. Then we waivered a bit. J. had suggested brave, but we decided adventurous instead. She wants to try things and is curious, but not necessarily brave yet. I think she was pretty pleased of her adjectives – and they definitely do suit her.

Hair Today…Gone Today.

Yep. We went to the Kiddie Kuts today. Emma wore me down. But believe me, I tried everything to dissuade her.

I even pulled out the…”But ballerinas have to have their hair long so that they can wear their hair in buns!” move. It was not deterring her. After much agonizing (mine) and pleading (hers) we trekked over to get her haircut “Short. Like Mommy’s.”

The last photo of “the hair.”

The before pic

Loping the pigtails off.

Off go the pigtails

“Oh, Em! What did you do?”

Em, what did you do?

She has already claimed that the pigtails are going to be her items for Share Day tomorrow. (Ew.)

Guess what I'm taking for share day tomorrow?

And she has stopped to “fluff” her new ‘do in every mirror, all evening long.

She loves it.

Hair in the mirror

And you know what? I do, too.

I love it.

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